Why and who Healthy and Wealthy?

“Start with why!”

Simon Sinek 

your health is your wealth M.ghandi

I feel like I’m going to eat the World

Yesterday I was thinking about New Year’s resolution, what I’ll do, what is going to be my goal for this year etc.  So, when I was planning and sharing my thoughts with my girlfriend, she came with an idea (she always comes with lots of Ideas 🙂 ). She said her usual words:

“Get a paper and a pen, and finally write your thoughts on it!”

Of course I accepted the challenge (I didn’t have a choice, because it was an order: do we? ).  So I started thinking about that and started with the question


  1.   Recently I found out, that I stared having some health problems: smoker’s cough (I smoke a lot,yet!), headaches, filling tired, insomnia, not willing work etc. It’s too much for 26 years old guy. So my priority became the Health.
  2.   And second: I work a lot, I work a lot (I wrote it twice, because that’s what I mean), but , as the 99% of us, I earn far less. So my second priority became the Wealth.


As my girlfriend asked me (OK, ordered) to write down my thoughts, I started thinking how I’m going to do that. I started asking google (as all of us are doing it nowadays), how I’m going to do that. And then remembered: “Hey, you, the guy who thinks  he can eat the world, who has some education bla bla bla … stop everything, and start doing something!”.  And because I already have a couple of years experience in blogging (I have a personal blog where I write some Armenian poems and short stories and also manage my friend’s blog), so I stared this blog.

In the daily post I noticed the Zero to Hero challenge and the 365 days of writing prompts.

It is a big challenge for me, because I’m not that much familiar with English.


Because my targets are the Health and the Wealth , I’ll cover some topics about them. I believe, that it can help not only me, but also the reader to achieve that goals with the tips and articles I’ll write.

So happy reading and feel free to share and comment, I  promise to answer 🙂 .

P.S. I really felt like I’m going to eat the world. Is it weird?? 🙂


15 responses to “Why and who Healthy and Wealthy?

  1. Hi Z: it is a good idea to start a new year by looking at your health. At your age (26), the body can still be forgiving but even you are beginning to notice the effects of smoking and working too much. Without HEALTH, the rest of your life is not going to have a whole lot of value. So I wish you good luck in improving your health and your energy. Everything else will follow….

  2. good luck with your health (especially) and your wealth too.
    I’m also doing the hero to zero challenge. you’re doing great, especially since you’re having to do it in another language. I don’t even know another language. 😦

  3. If there is an art to doing nothing, then I’VE MASTERED IT! [grin]
    Keep up with the challenge: even some of we oldies are doing it. What is your first language? – you manage mine pretty damn well!

    • A great quote )))
      My First language is Armenian, and I know how to play with words, how to bring them together to make a skyscraper, but in my First language.
      I’m in a war with grammar mistakes I do in English, but, fortunately (or not that much) computer solves that problem )) .
      Lo non parlo italiano come si fa, pero yo hablo un poco de español, because I moved to USA, Los Angeles, CA 3 years ago, and needed more languages to learn to communicate with co-workers.

  4. Io invece parlo italiano un po’, però è il francese che mi piace di più. The “Lo” you wrote means you have mistaken the first ‘i’ for an ‘l’ – but who cares? It’s all fun.

  5. Great blog, your English is perfect and very easy to read – you have a very smart girlfriend , as we would say in our neck if the woods , she’s a keeper!

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