3 laws of doing everything, and the 4th- the MIB law

creatio ex nihilo (creation out of nothing)

Yes, it’s not 3 laws, or 7 or 16. Just 4!

1. The law of the Seed


 First you give, then you get. There is no result without seed, without the first step, the first wave which leaves your brain. The universe will only respond, when you’ll poke it, send a ping.

So, put the seed, do your first step, and sooner or later you’ll get the result.

2. The low of being alone:   1=0


 A dot, the smallest thing in the universe, doesn’t exist, if it’s alone. It never realizes, that it exists, because there is nothing to compare with, to communicate with. So, always get a help, there is no need of doing everything alone.

3. The law of FOAD: there is no authority

 no authorities

The truth comes with its own dimensions. It lives in its own sphere, and changes: it does. The only constant thing  is the change. So there is no need to relay on authorities, on some kinds of “Truths”: Better to question everything: everything?  (Yes, even this statement!)

4. The Men In Black law: the law of the pie 

the law of the pie

ex nihilo nihil fit (nothing comes from nothing)

Doing nothing sometimes is the best thing we can do in critical moments. The Sun will shine next day, even if you had a war Yesterday. Keep calm, enjoy your pie, go to bed. If you can’t do anything better, just do nothing. The sleep is the best investment for solving your problems.

This post is a part of  Zero to Hero challenge and the 365 days of writing prompts.

P.S. My friend told me, that if you are writing something about some theories, you should have at least some personal experience. I used this laws lots of times. Do you have similar laws? Please, share your thoughts in the comment. 


10 responses to “3 laws of doing everything, and the 4th- the MIB law

  1. I need some proof, that you are using all these rules in your own life, Sir!
    Tell us how you apply each of them 🙂

    • SoundEagle agrees with mariamsargsyan that some demonstrations and examples are not just beneficial to your readers, but also essential in presenting the validity and reliability of those laws or axioms. More elaborations are recommended.

      Speaking of “nothing comes from nothing”, and given your insight and your particular journey through life, SoundEagle would like to invite you to reflect further by reading and sharing your thoughts at the commenting section of the post at http://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/soundeagle-in-best-moment-award-from-moment-matters/.

      Happy New Year to you, Mr Zhirayr Avetisyan!

      • Hi Mr Zhirayr Avetisyan,

        SoundEagle is delighted that you find our suggestions useful. This is a good post full of potentials and hidden “details” as well as “implications” to be fleshed out.

        My page at http://soundeagle.wordpress.com/folio contains a list of posts that could be useful to you in working out certain strategies or formats to elaborate the contents of a blog post.

        All the best!

  2. I always add the law or rule of “Holes” When you find yourself in one.. stop digging. That works in so many areas of our lives.
    Just a thought.

  3. I really like the four laws you listed (and the Scoutmaster Jerry). I don’t understand what FOAD is though unless you mean F— Off And Die, which is internet slang.

    Good luck with quitting smoking!

  4. When there is something that is happening in my life which I am upset or anxious about I ask myself… “Will this matter tomorrow? Or is this in my control? ” … Not really a law but just some questions I asked myself to put things into perspective 🙂 great post and great laws to live by 🙂

  5. I find it to be true that the less I am emotionally attached to an outcome, the more likely I am to achieve that outcome. It could be a law…

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